Hey Stranger!

Hey Stranger!
How did it go? 'Cause for me, it went surprisingly amazing. Remember, how did it feel when searching around in crowd for a stranger? Remember, how did it go when you got confused whether you guessed the right person?

Unexpected things happen in your life. I realized that life gives you a lot many random events of happiness. People exist in many different forms. I love meeting new people, exploring their views and ideas. My dearest stranger, you seemed an introvert, a very silent and solitude preferring person. Your social profile couldn't speak this loud enough, but observing you in real did! But still the conversation with you seemed never-ending. You did not speak a lot, but all that you spoke and told was very innocently delivered.

You are the first of your kind I ever met, I had a different perspective of looking at people who appeared socially like you, but you were totally disparate. I'm glad of-course. Very glad. A very humble, honest and well-behaved…

What do you want?

What do you want of yourself? Where do you see yourself in coming 10 or 15 years? What will you do when you have attained all that you have? Will you be happy then? Will you be contented? Is success everything that you want with your life? Is there anything else that you need to feel peace within?

I come across these questions a lot of times. We spend whole of our lives proving our worth to the world, trying to show that we are no less, trying to be the other person. All of our time flies out of nowhere. The experiences that I've encountered tell me that there's no person and there's no thing that will make you feel perfectly flawlessly happy. Years pass, we come across so many people, and we try to know and understand each one of them. Sometimes, we judge too! But that is all a human can do. We try to mend a person, in accordance with what our will and comfort demands but it takes a long time to realise that it is not so easy unless the person on the other side happens t…

Did you get over that regret?

Life is a maze where as much as you try to understand the way out, you keep on getting more and more puzzled. Did you come up with things in your life when you utterly regretted a certain situation or a certain phase? If yes, how did that make you feel? and does it do now?

It is such a cruel gesture of yours to yourself to make you pass through a time period that shouldn't have ever happened. Regret comes in any form, and it is that extreme point of guilt when you cannot accept its existence and rather wish that it shouldn't have ever happened. Did you get over it? Does it feel like it will never be the same again? Yes, it does. It feels like its all ruined and there's no way out you can get through it.

Life has all irreversible events, you can never go back in time and fix what had happened or make it any better. Things never get better with time, if I say so, I will be lying. The real fact is that you accept the things overtime and get habituated. You start worrying les…

Are you kind?

I had been a kind person, not all my life but from the day I realised that being kind is the only way out to be happy inside out. I define kindness not what people do in charity, or when people donate money or when people donate clothes, accessories, etc,etc but the kindness that I'm referring to is something which lies within and something that rarely comes up to people.

This kindness lies in every little gesture of a person, sometimes we lose it, that is when a person becomes arrogant. But being arrogant to someone is being kind to oneself, there's a reason why someone acts arrogantly to you. Every other way of the reaction that you get from people who are close to you or who may not be is a reflection of the type of gesture that you showed to them. It may not be sweet to accept every time, but this is where kindness comes, when you accept it with all your might and understand the side of other person. This kindness never reaches to the person on the other side of the pictu…

Life can never be the same again!

Life can never be the same again. Once you know the motives, once you know where the things are heading, life can never be the same again. People say to focus on the positives, to count on what matters and leave what doesn't, but what if a single negative proves to be more heavier than all the positives done? All the ideal rules set for having a cheerful and not so complex life are too tough to practically put in.

Experiences play a role in our life that no other thing can! I have always wondered if there's any way out of the experiences that you never want to have a place for. Of course, some things teach you certain facts that you never want to learn, never want to hold on. We do not hold the power to lead our lives the way we want, sometimes we have to be a part of situation that we had never thought of or we never wanted to be in.

From all the experiences that knowingly or unknowingly OR wantedly or unwantedly OR good or bad in my sense, I have learnt that people around a…
I always ended up focusing on the negatives. I wonder, why does a human mind always grasp everything that is negative and why couldn't we just focus on something that is actually needed! The positives! Why can't we look on the positive side of something?

Negative holds a lot more power than the positive. The negative destroys everything that took years for the positive to build. Human pyschology seems like a maze for me, with so much of complications. There are number of thoughts that go on in our mind but we can never resolve the reason or understand the goods behind it. All these years that passed, a lot of incidences took place, some good, some bad and some that didn't have any such effect on the life, but all this made me understand that we cannot judge a person based on how our mind or psychology works. Every person is a deserving person for what he/she expects based on how his/her psychology demands. But what when a person cannot stand on our expectations? Expectati…

Win exists!

Do you remember the times when you used to laugh out loud? The times when worries had no place in the mind, the only friends we had were our parents, when waking up felt so enthusiastic and when each day was another start for a full new adventure! Do you remember it?

Life had a wonderful meaning then, when there was no place for any reason to be upset about, when the world was unseen, when the people were unnoticed, when the intentions were hidden and when the cruelty didn't exist. Growing up feels like a burden. Sometimes I wonder, why did I ever grow up into an adult. Why can't I be the same little child for whom the biggest ever burden was to complete her homework. Why did I ever start thinking and understanding? May be, the only way to deal with the cruel world is to be one of them!

Survival needs defeat of the other one. And defeating the other is to hurt them, to make them feel bad, and I don't want to do it. But then, I will have to lose, and it will be disappointi…